GRID DDU5 Dashboard-Anzeigegerät



  • Vibrant 5" LCD Display
  • 20 Adjustable RGB LEDs
  • Motorsports Grade Enclosure
  • Controllable via Multiple Softwares
  • Compatible with Most Simulator Titles

GRID DDU5 Display

Similarly used in all forms of real motorsports racing, the DDU-5 display is a valuable piece of hardware to show any data you require to maximize your results in your race. This display also allows you to increase your vertical FOV by lowering the in-car dash and utilizing the DDU to show the crucial information you require. With a 5" LCD and 20 LEDs, the ability to display data and race information is endless.

Vibrant 5" LCD Display

Crisp, clear, and high resolution at 854x480. Even the smallest font displayed will be legible and easy to read. A vibrant 300-lumen backlit panel provides brilliant colors while having the ability to adjust the
brightness level.

20 Adjustable LEDs

The possibilities are endless. Set your RGB LEDs to show or signal the information needed during any type of racing such as RPMs, flags, spotter, low fuel, etc. With anywhere from 0 (off) to 100% brightness, you are easily able to match the environment you are racing in. 

Software Compatibility

The DDU5 is compatible with almost any racing game and multiple programs to easily control your LCD and LEDs. SimHub, JRT and Z1 all work flawlessly with this display and is also backed up by a large community of enthusiasts making display files for everyone to use at home.

Motorsports Grade Enclosure

Built to withstand anything you can throw at it, the DDU5 is machined in 6061 aluminium with an industrial anodized coating and laser engraving.The front glass is custom made using extremely durable borosilicate properties with silk screen printing and frosted LED lenses.

RaceDirector® Software

Included with any compatible Grid products, users can download and setup our user friendly software within minutes to control and customize the LEDs and LCD on your GRID DDU5.



5" - 854 x 480 resolution


Silkscreen printed scratchproof glass


CNC aluminum & anodized enclosure


Carbon fiber brackets & hardware


All required cables for plug and play





Sport & Pro. *Please email for Ultimate bracket.*


Alpha. *Same as SC2 Ultimate - Please email for bracket*